‘Love Me, Feed Me’ was born from a combination of my name ‘Thando’ [which is the word for ‘love’ in my native language IsiZulu] and the love I have for food. I love eating everything [paired with a glass of crisp, white wine].

Food evokes a myriad of positive emotions for me, and often, when I read the latest stats on food inequality, I am overwhelmed with anger and helplessness.

My goal is to use this space to share my learnings and thoughts as I continue to explore all things food, in its gluttonous, scarce and everything-in-between contexts.

Please enjoy.

About me? I’m a 5 ft 2, South African living in Harlem, New York. I came to the city for business school, and stayed for the food. When I am not eating, I am napping, running marathons, or dancing to bomb Afro-beats.